The Rhino – Portable Prowler

The World’s First & Only Truly Portable Prowler

The Rhino is a pushing / pulling sled (aka a prowler) that is notorious to all those that use it. It is often regarded as the ultimate metabolic conditioning tool because the body position, used when pushing, makes breathing hard and creates a huge oxygen debt… basically it hurts while you use it but gets you super fit.

About four years ago I worked with a local engineer to create a portable version of the prowler. This was because I found the fixed version difficult to transport to different locations when training clients and teams. In recent months at Metal Rhino we have improved upon the initial design and functionality. The original version took about two minutes from unused state to fully working state.

Now, we have made The Rhino ready to go in 20 seconds!

Honestly, just 20 seconds from start to finish. If you don’t believe me, check out the video below:

This is such a great piece of kit for the Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and Bootcamp Trainer allowing easy transportation of The Rhino in the boot of your car as you visit different training areas. In fact, most cars you could actually fit two of these in!

Imagine rolling up to a team’s training session, popping the boot and in under a minute you have two prowlers ready to inflict their devastatingly effective training on.

Pushing and pulling sleds enable you to achieve high levels of conditioning with minimal wear and tear on the body. It’s easy on the knees, hips and ankles, making it great for older strength athletes.

For a more strength based use slide on some Olympic weight plates or Kettlebells onto the upright poles and push/pull. It is a great way to build the lungs, legs and hips with minimal coaching, as it doesn’t require the technicality of a squat or deadlift.

Since The Rhino allows you to change weights and distances with ease, a stronger person can load it up and use it alongside a weaker person. This makes it applicable to any size, strength, and conditioning level, which is a huge plus for personal trainers working with a large variety of clients.

As you can see from the video above, the uprights are easily removable and the whole thing folds in half for easy transportation and storage.

There is an attachment point at the front to allow carabiners and straps to be secured for pulling.

We also offer a Pulling Sled that has a lower price tag for those not ready to invest in the portable prowler.

All the design and fabrication of this product has been carried out locally, by quality engineers.

Built in Belfast, Built to last.