SquatLift Bar
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SquatLift Bar

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Heavy duty specialist trap / hex bar

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Product Description

1 pair of free collars included

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 7 feet long
  • fits in a squat rack and fits on the Metal Rhino J Hooks
  • angled handles for superior grip
  • perfectly balanced
  • 50mm box section using 11 gauge / 3mm wall thickness
  • long weight sleeves to accommodate lots of plates
  • exercises you can perform with the bar:
    • deadlifts
    • bench press (from pins)
    • bent over rows
    • farmers walks
    • over head press (from pins)
    • split squats
  • Built in Belfast, Built to Last

The SquatLift Bar (also known as a trap / shrug / hex bar) combines all the benefits of the squat and the deadlift whilst eliminating all their negatives.

The slight angled handles provide a far more comfortable gripping and shoulder position that, combined with a more efficient body position, allows you to handle more weight compared to a straight bar deadlift.

The weight sleeves have been made extra-long to accommodate many plates, especially the thicker bumper plates that take up more room.

Squatting causes the torso to bend forward, which is exaggerated in those with long legs, and this places too much mechanical stress on the lumbar region. Deadlifiting demands excellent technique to eliminate issues such as upper back rounding and stress on the lower back. Furthermore, a lack of mobility and/or just not having a good body structure for these two lifts will result in either injury or a rejection of the exercise altogether.

The SquatLift Bar deadlift , by contrast, resolves these issues since there is no bar to get in the way of the shins. This results in the weight being more closely centred to the hips which reduces sheer on the spine. Furthermore, more knee bend can be achieved since there is no bar hitting the shins, allowing a movement more akin to a squat.

The SquatLift Bar is also great for bench pressing as the angled handles, used either way, reduce the excessive pressure in the shoulder joint that a traditional barbell can induce. This exercise needs to be performed from safety arms/pins to avoid contact with the head on the frame.

Bent-over rows are another great option with this bar. Just like when deadlifting the SquatLift bar, the weight is more closely centred to the body, which results in a more effective line of pull. The lats get a more intense stimulation since there is no bar hitting the body like a barbell row.

Even overhead pressing can be performed; again with the bar starting on the safety arms/pins, and is less stressful on the shoulders due to the angled handles.

Strongman training can be performed as the bar acts as an excellent as a Farmer’s Walk tool. Load it up, pick it up and walk.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the item to arrive as it is made to order.

All the design and fabrication of this product has been carried out locally by quality engineers.

Built in Belfast, Built to Last.

Additional Information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 215 cm

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2 reviews for SquatLift Bar

  1. 5 out of 5


    This bar is an Absolute Beast! At my gym it takes a real pounding and unlike other trap/hex bar on the market it takes a serious amount of weight even with bumper plates. Current Gym PR is 250KG with room to spare. Great to use with bands and chains and the knurled handles offer a superb grip. Absolute must for a trainer, serious lifter or athlete. David Handcock – Hybrid Elite Performance, Ireland http://www.hybridelite.com/

  2. 5 out of 5


    I contacted Scott from Metal Rhino initially about a trap / hex deadlift bar after researching options online. After visiting Scott and seeing the build quality and design of the bar I knew I’d be leaving with more than one piece of kit!

    The trap / hex bar is heavy duty and I was able to have deeper knurling added to the bar. I can’t see this bar ever letting me down. It is SOLIDLY built and a lot of effort has clearly gone into the design to ensure durability.

    It’s one thing ordering equipment blind from a large commercial supplier, but having Metal Rhino on your doorstep is a privileged position to be in.

    I’d encourage any gym owner, PT, strength coach, garage gym user to contact Scott and Metal Rhino and discuss your options. You won’t need to buy twice with the quality of equipment they provide.

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