Adjustable Single Leg Squat Stand

Adjustable Single Leg Squat Stand


Single Leg Squat Stand

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Product Description

The adjustable single leg squat stand allows the trainee to comfortably perform single leg exercises such as single leg bench squats, Bulgarian split squats and rear-foot elevated split squats amongst others.

Sportsmen and sportswomen have been performing these exercises for years, but have never had a specific sturdy and safe piece of equipment to allow them to use bigger weights or perform power development phases.  The Metal Rhino single leg squat stand solves this.

Single leg exercises are very effective for developing the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Furthermore, they enhanced balance, flexibility, coordination and speed for running and other sporting activities. They work most major muscle groups in the lower body and improve core strength. These exercises can be performed without weights or with dumbbells or with kettlebells or with sandbags or a standard barbell.

The main issue with the exercise has been comfort. A standard bench is often used that is neither adjustable in height and can also be painful to the user’s foot. With the rotating round thick pad it ensures a far more comfortable experience when performing these rear-foot elevated exercises.

The stand is quickly adjustable providing nine height options so that the user can tailor the height appropriate to the chosen exercise and/or their height.

The base is wide to aid stability. The build quality is first class, as you’d expect from Metal Rhino, which results in a beautifully finished and designed piece of equipment.

Powder coated for durability.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the item to arrive as it is made to order.

All the design and fabrication of this product has been carried out locally by quality engineers.

Built in Belfast, Built to last.

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