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Battle Ropes 2″

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If you prefer the green battle ropes inform us in the notes section when you checkout

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Product Description

Battle Ropes, aka Battling Ropes, offer you an unrivalled upper body conditioning experience. Think of them as an upper body sprint that have minimal impact on the joints.

Our standard Battle Rope is the black & yellow colour. We do sometimes carry the green rope (as per photo) and if you prefer the green rope please contact us or if the black & yellow is out of stock we will inform you.

Widely used in MMA and Crossfit environments for its performance based results for good reason. By simply manoeuvring the ropes in various linear and circular motions over different time periods you hit the lungs and heart-rate hard. From fast waves, explosive slams, to dynamic twisting moves your conditioning and core strength is challenged to the max.

Attach the rope to a secure anchor point, even tied to a kettlebell or looped around a tree, these Battle Ropes are super easy to use for the beginner to the professional sportsperson.  The grip is also challenged due to the ropes 2″ thickness, which has good carry-over to improving strength in more traditional forms of resistance based training.

Metal Rhino’s thick ropes are made of polypropylene originally designed to withstand the rigors of the shipyard. Unlike manilla, sisal and natural fibre ropes that can rot, retain water, and usually leave a trail of fibres*, the Metal Rhino Rope provides a good weight while remaining water, weather, and almost shed proof.

The ends of the rope are wrapped with a special rubber material to prevent fraying and for additional grip support. 

Sizes/Lengths Available:

Battling Rope Thickness is 2″ (50mm)

  • 30ft = 9.5m = 7.6kg
  • 33ft = 10m = 8kg
  • 40ft = 12.5m = 10kg
  • 50ft = 15.5m = 12.4kg
  • 60ft = 18.5m = 14.8kg
  • 65ft = 20m = 16kg
  • 80ft = 25m = 20kg
  • 100ft = 30m = 24kg

We believe that 40ft, 50ft and 60ft works well for most people. Shorter is fine for smaller areas and longer for that ultimate challenge where there is sufficient space.

The 2″ is great for those with larger hands or those that want a more intense grip challenge. These thicker ropes are also heavier, so may suit stronger individuals better.

You can buy the 1.5″ Battle Ropes here.

Contact us for bespoke lengths and pricing.

* Please note: some shedding of fibres will occur on a new rope. This diminishes after a few weeks use. Also, the surface used to perform exercises with the rope will affect it’s lifespan; the harsher the surface (concrete for example) the more damage the rope incurs.

This product has been sourced locally and was developed to the highest of standards.

Putting the beast back into Belfast

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Weight 15 kg

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Sensational battlerope. High quality and looks beautiful in the gym. My clients love using these. 10/10

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