Battle Skipping Rope

Battle Ropes – Skipping Rope with RhinoGrip

If you like skipping then you should try these out. The extra weight of the thick rope really challenges the shoulders and arms. The grip is also worked hard due to the extra width of the rope.

If you find skipping difficult, then the Battle Skipping Rope is a great way to learn. Why? Well, simply because you cannot skip fast with this rope and so the slower jump allows anyone to perform it. Once you’ve learnt the technique then making the progression to faster more normal skipping ropes like the RDX Metal Skipping Rope is simple.

These are a great addition to a Personal Trainer’s toolbox, especially in group sessions and bootcamps as all abilities can do it. And crucially there is no hiding. You either skip with it or you don’t. Whereas when people in groups do bodyweight squats or push-ups for example, you can “cheat” by not going deep enough etc.

Further videos will be posted about alternative exercises using the Battle Skipping Rope. In the meantime, check out a short video demonstration of the Metal Rhino Battle Skipping Rope.

(please forgive my crazy looking away eye thingy at the start. I’m just getting used to being in front of a camera so as time goes on I’ll get slicker).