Men’s Fitness Feature Battle Skipping Rope

Battle Skipping Rope In Men’s Fitness Magazine

We are extremely proud and pleased to announce that the June 2015 edition of the UK Men’s Fitness magazine has featured our Battle Skipping Rope as a new piece of kit to own.

In their Kit Bag section, which highlights

“game-changing fitness gear and tech”

Battle Skipping Rope In Men's Fitness Magazine

Battle Skipping Rope In Men’s Fitness Magazine : Photo by Danny Bird

Men’s Fitness have showcased our heavy jump rope in the “Not new, but improved” article. This part focusses on “shift[ing] your training gear with the best upgrades on classic home gym kit”.

Specifically, Men’s Fitness wrote (words by Max Anderton):

Most skipping ropes are getting thinner, sleeker and more aerodynamic – ideal for efficiency, but less so for fat loss. Increase the intensity with Metal Rhino’s custom heavy rope that requires more strength to swing and a higher jump.

Best for: Improving cardio and fat burning.

We love the way they have portrayed the Battle Skipping Rope as a coiled cobra snake ready to strike!

In celebration of this awesome news we are giving 10% off all purchases of the Battle Skipping Ropes. The offer is open to everyone and the coupon code can be used as many times as you like until midnight 1st July 2015.

Simply enter the following code in the cart or at checkout: mf10%

If you have any photos or videos of you using the rope be sure to tag us in on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram as we love seeing our customers in action with our products.

Here’s a video of how to progress on the Battle Skipping Rope when you have yours:

Thanks to Joel Snape, editor of Men’s Fitness, for featuring our product.