Fitness Games At The Irish Muscle Power Expo

Fitness Games At The Irish Muscle Power Exhibition We are delighted to announce that the owner of Metal Rhino, Scott Brady, will be organising and running the Fitness Games at the Irish Muscle Power Expo. Metal Rhino will also be involved in supplying equipment for the competition, which is obviously a very exciting prospect for […]

Martin Luther King, Jelly and CrossFit

 Martin Luther King, Jelly and CrossFit No speech in modern history has encapsulated an audience like Martin Luther King’s Speech on Capitol Hill.  King was not only a civil rights pioneer, he was a free thinker.  King’s views on a reduced working week horrified some American economists to the point that they labelled him as […]

GAA Football vs Rugby vs Crossfit

The World’s First Fitness Challenge Between GAA Football, Rugby & Crossfit On Sunday 15th September 2013 Metal Rhino staged the world’s first fitness challenge competition between three representatives from three different sporting disciplines: GAA Football: David McKibben(County Down GAA and Bryansford) Rugby: Willie Stewart (Belfast Harlequins 1st XV) Crossfit: Damian Regan (Reebok CrossFit Northern Ireland [The Unit]) The event was […]


12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change Your Life) I have been a big believer in Karma for a long time. I saw this and just had to add it to our blog: What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must […]

GAA vs Rugby vs Crossfit

GAA Footbal vs Rugby vs Crossfit Challenge Ever wondered how someone from GAA, Rugby and Crossfit would compare against each other in a variety of fitness challenges? Well, wonder no more! 10am this Sunday, 15th Sept, Metal Rhino is proud to present a GAA vs Rugby vs Crossfit challenge where a representative from each discipline […]

How To Build Muscle Mass

A sensible way to build muscle mass Written by Rusty Moore: Rusty keeps it simple and easy to understand, with just a wee bit of technical information for those that want it. The idea of low reps with high volume is what I’ve been doing mostly in my sessions for the past year with great […]

The Rhino – Portable Prowler

The World’s First & Only Truly Portable Prowler The Rhino is a pushing / pulling sled (aka a prowler) that is notorious to all those that use it. It is often regarded as the ultimate metabolic conditioning tool because the body position, used when pushing, makes breathing hard and creates a huge oxygen debt… basically it […]

Battle Skipping Rope – Chin-Ups

Battle Skipping Rope Chin-Ups Last week I posted a video about Skipping with the Battle Rope and also with an additional exercise you can do with the rope; Battle Skipping Rope Biceps Curls. Today I am showing you an advanced exercise; the Battle Skipping Rope Chin-Up. It’s a fairly simple setup that involves you securely […]