GAA vs Rugby vs Crossfit

GAA Footbal vs Rugby vs Crossfit Challenge

Ever wondered how someone from GAA, Rugby and Crossfit would compare against each other in a variety of fitness challenges?

Well, wonder no more!

10am this Sunday, 15th Sept, Metal Rhino is proud to present a GAA vs Rugby vs Crossfit challenge where a representative from each discipline will compete against each other.

GAA vs Rugby vs Crossfit

GAA vs Rugby vs Crossfit

Introducing your challengers:

GAA David McKibben (County Down and Bryansford)

Rugby Willie Stewart (Harlequins 1st XV)

Crossfit Damian Regan (Reebok CrossFit Northern Ireland [The Unit])

The event will take place at Asylum gym’s new premise in Newtownards.

It’s a bit of fun to see how these guys get on.

The event should take no more than 1 hour.

Please come along and cheer them on.