Fitness Games At The Irish Muscle Power Expo

Fitness Games At The Irish Muscle Power Exhibition

We are delighted to announce that the owner of Metal Rhino, Scott Brady, will be organising and running the Fitness Games at the Irish Muscle Power Expo.

Irish Muscle Power Expo

Irish Muscle Power Expo

Metal Rhino will also be involved in supplying equipment for the competition, which is obviously a very exciting prospect for us. This will allow us to showcase the quality of our products as well as being involved with the competition itself.

This competition will sit nicely amongst the Powerlifting and Strongman events. The idea of this competition is to provide an opportunity for all those super fit and strong people to shine and show off their abilities in a more pound-for-pound manner. Such that absolute strength, like Powerlifting, is not the defining factor. Furthermore, that the super-human strength and movement seen in the Strongman events is also not required.

Simply, the ability to move your body, hold your body, shift some weight, and perform the events in as fast a time as possible utilising your superior fitness is what will be called for. Like CrossFit and many other similar events over the years, showcasing your functional physical fitness and strength, with mental toughness, will win the day.

At the time of writing there are a number of categories that should allow many people to enter and feel as though they have a good chance of winning. There’s even a mixed pairing event that we think could be very popular.

Please head over to the official Fitness Games webpage for up to date information regarding registration, categories, costs etc.

All questions should be directed to the email address.

Good luck to everyone that enters and we look forward to seeing at the event and at the Expo.

Irish Muscle Power Fitness Games

Irish Muscle Power Fitness Games