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Fitness Games At The Irish Muscle Power Expo

Fitness Games At The Irish Muscle Power Exhibition We are delighted to announce that the owner of Metal Rhino, Scott Brady, will be organising and running the Fitness Games at the Irish Muscle Power Expo. Metal Rhino will also be involved in supplying equipment for the competition, which is obviously a very exciting prospect for […]

GAA Football vs Rugby vs Crossfit

The World’s First Fitness Challenge Between GAA Football, Rugby & Crossfit On Sunday 15th September 2013 Metal Rhino staged the world’s first fitness challenge competition between three representatives from three different sporting disciplines: GAA Football: David McKibben(County Down GAA and Bryansford) Rugby: Willie Stewart (Belfast Harlequins 1st XV) Crossfit: Damian Regan (Reebok CrossFit Northern Ireland [The Unit]) The event was […]

The Rhino – Portable Prowler

The World’s First & Only Truly Portable Prowler The Rhino is a pushing / pulling sled (aka a prowler) that is notorious to all those that use it. It is often regarded as the ultimate metabolic conditioning tool because the body position, used when pushing, makes breathing hard and creates a huge oxygen debt… basically it […]

Battle Skipping Rope – Chin-Ups

Battle Skipping Rope Chin-Ups Last week I posted a video about Skipping with the Battle Rope and also with an additional exercise you can do with the rope; Battle Skipping Rope Biceps Curls. Today I am showing you an advanced exercise; the Battle Skipping Rope Chin-Up. It’s a fairly simple setup that involves you securely […]

Podcast: Scott And Ryan Chat

Podcast: Scott And Ryan Chat Ryan asks Scott Brady some questions about mobility, training smart, functional fitness, exercise effectiveness & efficiency, and exercise variety. The Battle Skipping Ropes are also discussed. If you have any questions about fitness and training and Metal Rhino products you can email scott at

Battle Skipping Rope

Battle Ropes – Skipping Rope with RhinoGrip If you like skipping then you should try these out. The extra weight of the thick rope really challenges the shoulders and arms. The grip is also worked hard due to the extra width of the rope. If you find skipping difficult, then the Battle Skipping Rope is […]

Tweak Your Swing, Not Your Back

Guest Blog Post By Marianne Kane It gives me great pleasure to introduce our first guest blogger as Marianne Kane; the founder of, co-founder of, “kettlebell ninja” and as you’ll notice she modelled some of our fitness equipment. You can read about Marianne’s fitness journey here. Check out the brand new article and video […]