Battle Skipping Rope – Chin-Ups

Battle Skipping Rope Chin-Ups

Last week I posted a video about Skipping with the Battle Rope and also with an additional exercise you can do with the rope; Battle Skipping Rope Biceps Curls.

Today I am showing you an advanced exercise; the Battle Skipping Rope Chin-Up.

It’s a fairly simple setup that involves you securely attaching the rope to a suitable overhead point. I used the Monkey Bar Rig in the Metal Rhino testing facility, but you can use a pull-up bar or even a try branch.

Then grab tightly and pull yourself up… simple eh? Well, not quite. The demands on your grip strength are extreme. So this is a great exercise if you want to improve your grip and already find standard chin-ups fairly easy or simply want to try something different.

If you’re ready for this challenge to work the back, arms, hands and shoulders please watch and like the video below: