Battle Skipping Rope – Biceps Curls

Biceps Curls With Battle Skipping Rope

The Metal Rhino Battle Skipping Rope with RhinoGrip is primarily used for skipping. However, there are some additional exercises that you can perform with it.

The first alternative exercise I want to show you is biceps curls with the rope and an attached kettlebell. It is very simple and yet very effective.

Since the rope is thicker than a standard barbell/dumbbell handle, then your grip and forearm gets a great workout. It’s thick bar training without having to pay for an expensive thick bar.

Also, the rope is flexible and so it allows you to choose the most comfortable or more challenging wrist position. That is, stay with a hammer type grip or supinate (palms up) your hands as you curl up for extra biceps stimulation.

Now, go work them Gunz…